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backyard basketry - a seminar series with Judy Zugish in her fiber arts garden
can be scheduled for small groups

Judy Zugish triming willow branches in her garden   Judy Zugish - random weave in garden

All student levels are welcome - weavers, horticulture enthusiasts, ikebana artists, beginners and experienced alike - indeed it will add to the potential for all to learn. Class projects will be geared to beginnings you can take home with you for continued weaving.

Flat fee is $75 per session, and covers all the materials for class. Plants will also be available for purchase.
  In each of our gardens, and quite possibly in one you are planning this year, there are plants you can choose for their garden beauty and for their fiber uses. Boldly incorporated in the garden design or refined for exquisite woven vessels, the knowledge of what to choose and how to use these plants enriches your pleasure in your garden as an artistic space. It also provides a calendar of caretaking and the satisfaction of reusing the twigs and leaves of grooming seasons.

In each integrated seminar, Judy will use her own garden of 30 years to educate on the plants and the workshop to educate on the crafted use of these plants. Offered on a weekday, and again on the weekend day--you may attend either session. Each unit is one group of plants; one technique for weaving, self contained. Students will make their own designs using materials and techniques provided in class.
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This is a select small seminar - 12 students per session. Please contact Judy to secure your place:
Email:    Phone: 360.659.493
Classes will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM

Judy Zugish 2018 teaching schedule