Bouquet Banque Nursery

NEW:   Spring 2017 Epimedium Openhouse April 22 and 23
Bouquet Banque Nursery is situated in the heart of Marysville, 35 miles north of Seattle, 35 minutes south of Bellingham. It is a small farm dedicated for 30 plus years to growing the unusual perennial uncommonly well.

Visitors are welcome to view the gardens and shop the nursery. As this farm is also a homesite, please plan to email or phone for a convenient appointment.

Here is the history of the nursery and the list of special events where you can talk with the grower/owners and purchase plants.

  Summer view from gardens at Bouquet Banque Nursery

The keen collectors' interest in Bouquet Banque specialties has developed a loyal following and a quality reputation.

The Hardy Cyclamen and Epimedium pages are available and the rest are in progress. Check back for more information coming soon!

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We are pleased to announce that we are now able to ship plants throughout the US!