Bouquet Banque Nursery....Story and Plant Sale Schedule

A remarkable nursery that earns its quality reputation every growing year. The partnership of Bouquet Banque is known for exceptional plants that are raised on site from infancy to maturity. Collector's Perennials....clean and healthy...raised with year at a time.

See the feature Marysville Growers devote years to cyclamen, a winter standout

See us at sales, visit the gardens, and peruse our plant pages.
Each plant is greeted as a friend and so are you!
And we are pleased to announce that we are now able to ship plants throughout the US!

2018 Plant Sale Schedule

2018 Schedule
Jan 13th & 14th   2018 Hardy Cyclamen Sale & Openhouse   Bouquet Banque Nursery
Feb 8th   Hardy Cyclamen Program - Rock Garden Society   Bellevue Botanical Gaden
March 3rd   NHS Spring Ephemeral Plant Sale   Center for Urban Horticulture
March 10th   NPA March Mania Plant Sale   Bellevue Botanical Garden
April 7th   Spring 2018 Epimedium Openhouse - 10-4   Bouquet Banque Nursery
April 14th   Redmond Garden Club Garden & Nursery Tour   Bouquet Banque Nursery
May 4th - 5th   Master Gardener Plant Sale   Center for Urban Horticulture

     And so it a young mother I had just moved into an old farmhouse on two acres of sandy loam. My dreams of horses and a family home near work had guided the purchase.

On the edge of the property is the freight train line and I soon learned they ran all night---and woke the baby. Each time we nursed and rocked, I opened a book to keep awake. Country Gardens, The Complete Gardener, and Wayside Garden Catalog all fueled my imagination.

The plants that inspired me were uncommon to the Northwest in 1976. So I wrote letters to experts in England and the Northeast and then to Europe and China, collecting seeds and slips and little bits of dormant root to make a garden filled with wildflowers and rare bulbs, herbal textures and seasonal treasures.

More than 30 years have passed, each year a deepening education, since I coveted a load of chicken manure and to cover the cost I painted a sign, sent off for a license, and sold my first box of field grown perennials for $23. The young family and horses have grown and gone. A life full of stories is part of this soil and toil of years. I've come to know that's how a garden really grows.

Owner Judy Zugish in gardens at Bouquet Banque Nursery
Now the nursery is a partnership with owner Judy Zugish and grower Bill Roeder sharing the labors, befriending the joys. A bountiful garden, seed and stock plants cover one acre; cold frames of hardy cyclamen, epimedium, Chinese arisaema and a propagation house full of seedlings fill the other. We've chosen from the fields of flowers those species that excite us most and focused on raising them right here, for keen gardeners to enjoy as much as we do.