Bouquet Banque Nursery....Hardy Cyclamen

Blooming gallantly through the dark cold days of winter, Hardy Cyclamen are indeed a gem of a plant. With 22 known species, they range from Turkey to Crete, into the Caucasus Mountains and as far away as Somalia. There are frost hardy forms that bloom in the snow! And frost tolerant species handling 10°F with charm and aplomb.

This gem has the great quality features gardeners look for: highly ornamental foliage; elegant abundant flowers; and bonus points! a quirky fruiting stage for fascinating viewing.

Here at Bouquet Banque, we raise seedlings from cultivated plants that bloom starting in September, ending in June. Our original growing stock came from Peter Moore in England and Heronswood (Dan Hinkley) in the early 90's. Bill Roeder is our skillful and patient grower...attending 16,000 seedlings annually... bringing them along from babies to robust 5-year-old tubers...thence to market in 4" banded pots.

Hardy Cyclamen are quite easy to grow from there...good drainage and dappled shade protection are all they need.

When you select your plants from Bouquet Banque you will receive more detailed growing information from Bill...he likes for his "children" to be treated just right! Here you will find a complete species list and general characteristics of each.

C.coum Tilebarn Elizabeth image

C.coum 'Tilebarn Elizabeth' - with a range from Bulgaria to Israel, coums are exceptionally hardy and bloom from Jan. to March in the severest winters. "Elizabeth" is a complete sweetheart, full of flowers and remarkably vigorous.**Note the dark pewter pattern leaf and bright bicolor flowers.

C.coum BSBE 518 form2 image

C.coum BSBE 518 form2 - a Bolles expedition collection from 1963, this foliage astonishes the winter garden! **Brilliant silver leaves with dark center "Christmas tree" patterns, sweet pink blooms like dancing pinwheels in deepest winter.

C.coum 'Maurice Dryden' image

C.coum 'Maurice Dryden' - dusty silver kidney shaped leaves with a darker border and deep vein lines. Genteel white flowers with a touch of deep magenta. So refined!

C.hederifolium 'Album' image

C.hederifolium 'Album' - enchanting and rare, this pure white flowering form startles from dormancy into swarms of bright winged flowers calling to mind butterflies dancing! Followed by strongly patterned tonal green foliage, bold and mysterious.

C.coum 'select leaf mixed colors' image

C. coum "select leaf mixed colors" - every year we rogue our seedlings thoroughly for remarkable leaf patterning. The blooms vary from pale pinks to deep rose over a long season. **Fabulous for bulk planting and new surprises!

C.hederifolium 'Silver Cloud' image

C. hederifolium 'Silver Cloud' - appearing with flowers first in autumn borders, hederifoliums follow with remarkable foliage - each unique cultivar - that persists until June. **Note the gleaming silver leaves of this Phil Cornish selection. Oh my!

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to ship plants throughout the US!