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  • C. alpinum - comes from low altitudes of SW Turkey but carries an astonishing range from seascape to high mountains. A diminutive and precocious plant with marbled leaves that have slightly scalloped edges and whirligig flowers of magenta or pink. Quite hardy.

  • C. cilicium - Autumn flowering from Southern Turkey. Deep green slightly ovate foliage with cream or silver markings. Pink flowers with narrow, twisted petals are noted for their sweet scent, elegance, and generosity. Frost hardy.

  • C. colchicum - thick, fleshy green leathery leaves with deep veins and lighter green marbling distinguish this rarely cultivated alpine species. Flowers are quite delicate, small, pink - slightly larger than one-half inch. Comes from western Caucasus Mountains of Southern Russia. Flowers between July and October, responding to the cooling weather regionally.

  • C. coum - extreme hardiness, heart shaped leaves, and a delightful variability are all characteristic of these joyful winter bloomers. Late autumn brings on fascinating patterned foliage in open garden or semi-shaded positions, followed with bright blossoms of cheer come the New Year. Bold long lasting displays and an easy to grow temperament make these a must do for every keen gardener.
    • C. coum - select leaf varieties, mixed colors - from Turkey and the Caucasus area. Generally kidney-shaped leaves. Markings can differ greatly. Flowers beginning in late Dec thru March or April, dark magenta to pink to white. This category does not have the definite qualities of the individually listed varieties, but are selected for their leaf color and markings.
    • C. coum CSE 88397 - originated from Cyclamen Society Expedition in 1988. Leaves are bright silver background with dark green Christmas tree pattern
    • C. coum ‘Maurice Dryden’ - somewhat small plant. Leaves silver with edges of green. Flowers white with dark magenta blotch at base of petals. Does not come true from seed with regularity - has to be rogued to maintain qualities.
    • C. coum ‘Nymans Group’ - cyclamen that has probably been crossed with a EKB 371. Leaves generally have a grayish pattern on the rather dull green background, rounded leaves. Flowers large, deep magenta with darker blotch at base of each petal.
    • C. coum ‘Tilebarn Elizabeth’ - originated with Peter Moore in England. Overall dusty pewter tone leaf with bicolor flowers of pale pink with deep magenta blotch at base of petals. Wonderfully vigorous and reliable.
    • C. coum ‘silver leaf form’ - leaves overall silver, heart-shaped. Flowers pink with twisted petals, deep magenta basal blotch.
    • C. coum from BSBE 518 (forms 1 & 2) - plants come from the Bowles Scholarship Botanical Expedition of 1963 along the Black Sea Coast of Turkey. Form 1 - leaves banded with silver. Form 2 - leaves deep green with Christmas tree pattern. Flowers are shades of pink with magenta blotch at base of petals. Quite hardy.

  • C. coum subspecies caucasicum - from NE Turkey and the Caucasus region. Heart-shaped leaves sometimes marbled. Flowers tending to rather larger than most coum species, nearly an inch long. Eyes at base of petals pink to magenta. Not terribly hardy.

  • C. cyprium - from the island of Cyprus - not very hardy, although ours has survived several frosts. Woodland plant. Lobed foliage of olive green color with markings of deeper green or gray. Flowers small, white with purple or magenta ‘M’ shaped mark at base of petals. Begins flowering in September through Christmas. All roots develop from one side of the tuber.

  • C. graecum- from Southern Greece and Greek Islands. Has contractile roots, unlike any other cyclamen. Autumn flowering, usually flowers appear before leaves. Pink color. Full sun.
    • C. graecum ‘Rhodopou’ - similar to above but from Crete and has pewter leaves.

  • C. hederifolium - long-lived tubers rooting from the top. Flowers usually pink with v-shaped blotch on bottom of petal. Leaf shape and hastate patterning varies greatly but usually ivy-shaped. Flowers appear before leaves about mid-Aug and blooms for 6-8 weeks. Wide range - from Southern Europe to western Asiatic Turkey in woodland setting. Extremely hardy variety. This species is breathtaking planted in drifts--naturalized beneath deciduous trees--simply loved to a genteel old age-- tubers can grow to a giant size and 130 years of beauty! And the choices will keep blooming for months! Holey Moley!
    • C. hederifolium "select leaf" - a varied selection of persistently colorful blooms and stong leaf markings that has been growing over 40 years at Bouquet Banque. Adaptable and easy.
    • C. hederifolium ‘album’ - pure white blooms - quite rare - does not always come true from seed. Needs to be rogued for quality.
    • C. hederifolium ‘Silver Cloud’ - unmarked silver leaf form with pink flowers. Comes fairly true from seed. More prone to leaf disease than other forms. Rogue to keep pure.
    • C. hederifolium ‘White Cloud’ - unmarked silver leaves with white flowers. More prone to leaf disease than other forms. Rogue to keep pure.
    • C. hederifolium ‘Rosenteppich’ - red flowered variety from eastern Germany. Must be rogued to maintain color quality.

  • C. intaminatum - from Southern Turkey. Very small plant. Begins blooming early Aug with white or pale pink flowers. Small deep green leaves with pale gray veins. A hardy, dainty charmer perfect in a rock garden location.

  • C. mirabile - once rarely seen in cultivation and temporarily lost to science, this species has a red zone on the upper surface of the rounded young leaves, toothed margins on leaf and flower petals, and lovely scent in blossoming. Simply marvelous as pot specimens, and quite tough to mild frosts.
    • C. mirabile ‘Tilebarn Anne’ - from Peter Moore of England. Foliage pewter with pink blush when young. Flowers pink.
    • C. mirabile ‘Tilebarn Jan’ - from Peter Moore of England. Flowers mostly white but needs roguing to keep color quality. Leaves have dark green Christmas tree pattern and silver banding around outside.

  • C. purpurascens - an unusual and distinctly unique species with large, corky tubers. From the Alps. Very hardy but hard to grow in the garden. Summer blooming. Flowers pink to magenta - leaves toothed, often with dark green markings but extremely variable. Almost evergreen. Hates heat and loves moisture.

##Plant availability will vary with each growing year. We raise our seedlings until they are five years old and through two blooming seasons before they make it to the sales bench. Please contact Bouquet Banque grower Bill Roeder for specifics before ordering your plants.
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